Virtual Property Summit!
Meet property experts and grow your passive income from property! 

7 November, 9 am - 2 pm 
Central European Time! 

5 hours, 5 speakers!
30 minutes presentation, 15 minute Q&A and 15 minutes of networking!

Following the huge success of the previous Momentum Advanced Workshops in 2019 finally we are back with new advanced events in 2020!
We would like to invite you to the next completely FREE event:

Virtual Property Summit

You will leave the 2 days understanding:

  • How to Raise Finance
  • Property Strategies - What strategies do you have available to grow your portfolio quicker!
  • Seller Financing - How to use seller financing to get "No Money (or little money) Down Deals"

Weekend Keynote Speaker:

Daniel Wood

Daniel Wood is a specialist in raising finance for property. Over the past decade he has raised over 10 million pounds for property investments. During his talk you will learn about the 25 sources of capital and how you can raise more finance for your property deals!

Weekend Keynote Speaker:

Gisela Wood

Gisela has project managed over 100 property deals in the UK, Spain and Sweden.
Through her experience, she has learned what can go wrong in a deal and also how to make projects go according to plan and budget. She will support you in making sure your property journey is as smooth as possible.

Weekend Keynote Speaker:

Lukasz Brzyski

Lukasz is a risk specialist and knows exactly how to structure property deals to give you the highest returns with the lowest amount of risk.
He will show what strategies you have available and how to get the highest possible profit from your investments!

Weekend Keynote Speaker:

Larry Fiero

Larry Fiero is known as the master of Seller Financing. He has been investing since high school and every investment he has ever made has been by using this amazing strategy. He is financially free, the co-host of Real Estate Marathon Podcast and will show you how you can implement this strategy to get great property deals!

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Who is the event for?

You intend to invest in properties in the UK

If your dream is to own a large property portfolio that gives you freedom of time, this event is for you!
Properties give you passive income - cash flow - that can be added to your regular income to give you better quality of life. Over time, it replaces your salary and makes you financially independent. At Momentum Property Education we show you how to invest safely, securely and profitably to create more freedom for you and your family!


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Virtual Property Summit

7 November, 9 am - 2 pm
Central European Time!

* NOTE: Limited number of seats